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Café Au Lait Standard Poodle Female whelped 07/06/2004



Pearl is a 69-pound lap dog and stands 24.75” at the shoulders.  She was purchased to be a companion dog while the others were away for hunting or competitions, but her drive to retrieve lead us to field training her at 1 year old.  She has earned her SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) title in UKC and her JH (Junior Hunter) title in AKC as well as the Poodle Club of America WC and WCX (Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent) titles.  She moved smoothly through all of her training including the water work.  She is a very graceful and confident swimmer.


Pearl has visited nursing homes since she was 10-weeks old.  She is very gentle and loving to the residents.  She is loved by everyone who meets her.  She loves to hang out on your lap or sit quietly by while you read.  She is a very good citizen in the house.  The squirrels and rabbits in the area are not so fond of her.


Pearl’s coloration varies by her clipping.  When her hair is longer, she has a caramel color cast over her cream coat.  The camera picks up more color than does the human eye.   She is the color of antique pearls with a slight blush to them.  There is much discussion regarding the coloration of poodles and the variation.  Pearl has chocolate points, eye rims, nose and lips.  She is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful top line, tail set, and structure.  She came from two brown international champions.


She may look like a girly girl, but she has successfully completed a couple of 110-yard water retrieves with a 40-foot angle entry up a hill for 40-yard retrieve in heavy cover and back again.  That was half of a JH test in KY.


Pearl and Kodi are listed in a book by Claudia A. Straitiff, The North American Working Poodle Hall of Fame 2007


Pearl’s COI is very low. We will have occasional litters with Kodi and Pearl


All testing has been done.

  • AKC Reg. No.  PR05002901

  • UKC Reg. No.  K104-097

  • CERF   POS-5197/2006—30

  • OFA    PO-15571F27F-Pl

  • AMGL NE Normal

  • Thyroid Normal

  • SA Normal

  • Addison’s Normal

  • vWD Normal

  • SA test Marshfield Clinic Accession No. VET-06-34242 MHN 185639HC

Pearl's first litter

Pearl's first pheasant

Pear with daughter, Libby






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