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since February 2010




HRCH Ben-Cher’s Kodiak Brown Bear SH, WC, WCX

Brown Standard Poodle Male whelped 06/17/2003


Kodi’s style in retrieving is remarkable.  His coat has “cleared” to a gunmetal gray/brown.  He weighs about 68 pounds and is 24” at the shoulders.  Kodi is thick in body and chest which makes him a strong swimmer and upland hunter.  He has a strong desire to retrieve.  He will often outrun our Labrador to get the downed game, but he shows an intelligent and disciplined approach for flushing.


Kodi is the the 5th poodle to have earned a HRCH (Hunting Retriever Champion) title in UKC.  He also holds an SH (Senior Hunter) title in AKC as well as Poodle Club of America titles, WC and WCX (Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent).  Kodi is preparing for his Master Hunter competitions.


Kodi’s temperament is wonderful.  He is a very sweet boy. He visits nursing homes and is gentle with our grandchildren.  He loves to be petted.  Our friend said, “You could pet the hair off that dog.  He will not move until you are done petting.”  


The breeding pool for Standard Poodles is small.  Kodi’s COI (coefficient of inbreeding) is very low. (This is a good thing.) All blood testing is complete.

  • AKC Reg. No.  PR02508301

  • UKC Reg. No.  K103-302

  • OFA   PO-EL388M25-Pl

  • OFA   PO-14405G25M-Pl

  • CERF   POS-4455/2005—25

  • DNA   V373260

  • AMGL NE Normal

  • Thyroid Normal

  • Addison’s Normal

  • SA Normal

  • vWD Normal

  • SA test Marshfield Accession No. VET-06-34244 MHN 185638HC

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Kodi hunting in North Dakota


Kodi pheasant hunting in ND 2008



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